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Useful tips

Whether you are going somewhere great or receiving someone special, you are most likely super excited about your upcoming trip. Our job here is to make sure everything goes perfect. This is why we made this list of tips meant to help you make your trip not just fun, but safe. Check them out before you leave on your journey and everything will turn out fantastic.

Before you meet a person, talk to them using a video chat. You really start getting to know them when you see them.

A lot of people prefer to arrange their first meetings in public locations. It's just easier this way.

Trust your gut. Always make sure you connect with your new friends and understand them.

If you arrange that you pay for something, e.g. plane tickets, never send money, always buy yourself. Check for moneyback options.

Many guys find it a good idea to inform their friends and/or family where they are going and possibly leave contacts of the person(s) they are about to meet.

Be a reasonable traveler. It's smart and convenient to have emergency cash, a working mobile phone, and contacts of your nearest embassy.

Get to know the person you are about to meet. Use Skype or other ways to talk. Using a webcam is a good idea.

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